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Upbeat Award Winner: April Axthelm

Posted February 13th, 2009

mvcupbeatFirst of all, thank you, ambassadors, for awarding me with the Upbeat Award… it truly was a huge surprise!

Because, for those of you that know me (or work with me) you know that I work a lot… not because I’m told to, but because I love my job, have a strong commitment to Skagit Publishing and enjoy serving my community. I don’t strive to win awards or be in the limelight… in fact, I’m not comfortable with that. I just do what needs to be done.

So, I’m awarding the Mount Vernon Chamber Upbeat Award to another person that often flies under the radar as well and overextends themself. Someone else that also went on a mission trip to a foreign country to help strangers.

Someone that is:

A for Active in the community, chamber and other organizations.

P for Positive outlook-in fact, I have to share a story… I was sitting next to this person during a chamber meeting and we were talking about how many businesses are cutting back on advertising in these challenging economic times. This person leaned over and said, “Why that’s just crazy! Haven’t they read the book The Ten Reasons Why Businesses Fail? This is exactly when they NEED to advertise!”

R for Reliable-this person always follows through on their commitment…whether it’s attending a chamber meeting or other request.

I for Intelligent and an Inspirational.

And finally,

L for Loyal. Loyal to their business and the community.

And what do these acronyms stand for? A-P-R-I-L, April Axthelm, with Axthelm Construction. Congratulations, April, for earning this month’s Mount Vernon Chamber Upbeat Award.

— Deb Bundy, Skagit Publishing

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