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Green Building


The trend toward sustainable design/green building is growing. With Axthelm Construction, you can grow with it…

Green building1 is the practice of increasing the efficiency with which buildings use resources – energy, water, and materials – while reducing building impacts on human health and the environment, through better siting, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal – the complete building life cycle.

A similar concept is natural building, which is usually on a smaller scale and tends to focus on the use of natural materials that are available locally. Other commonly used terms include sustainable design and green architecture.
The related concepts of sustainable development and sustainability are integral to green building.

Effective green building can lead to:

  1. Reduced operating costs by increasing productivity and using less energy and water
  2. Improved public and occupant health due to improved indoor air quality
  3. Reduced environmental impacts by, for example, lessening storm water runoff and the heat island effect.

Practitioners of green building often seek to achieve not only ecological but aesthetic harmony between a structure and its surrounding natural and built environment, although the appearance and style of sustainable buildings is not necessarily distinguishable from their less sustainable counterparts.

On the aesthetic side of green architecture or sustainable design is the philosophy of designing a building that is in harmony with the natural features and resources surrounding the site. There are several key steps in designing sustainable buildings: specify ‘green’ building materials from local sources, reduce loads, optimize systems, and generate on-site renewable energy.

In an effort to help preserve and sustain the environment, Axthelm Construction’s steel buildings are made of materials that help meet that objective:

  • Our steel frames and sheeting contain recycled steel
  • All components are made of 100% reusable/recyclable alloy
    • We offer ThermalClad Insulated Wall & Roof Panels which are ideal for controlled-environment buildings where temperature and insulation are critical. ThermalCald offers superior insulating value (R-values to 32.3 available).
  • The SSR roofing system (when ordered with Cool Regal White color coating) meets even California’s stringent title 24 code parameters
  • Our Design / Build system reduces material use and waste.
  • With natural lighting options, like the Tuf-Dome skylights, featuring a durable, high-clarity polycarbonate composition or the translucent Tuf-Lite & Wallite panels, which provide the interior of the building with 60% natural light transmission, Axthelm Construction can help decrease your power usage and save you money on energy costs.