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Modern Steel Structures


Axthelm Constructions Pre-engineered steel building division, Modern Steel Structures, is well known for its high quality steel structures.

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A Steel building is a metal structure with steel for the exterior cladding and internal support. Such buildings are used for a variety of purposes including storage, office space and living space. They have evolved into specific type depending on how they are used.

They first gained popularity in the early 20th century. Their use became more widespread during World War II and significantly expanded after the war when steel became more available. In the last few decades steel buildings have become more common as their capabilities have expanded with improved designs due to the availability of computer aided design programs.

Generally speaking, steel building construction can save customers up to 30% in overall construction costs for certain building types. By standardizing and using computer-assisted designs, time spent on planning is reduced. Construction times are often shortened by up to 1/3 that of other methods, which results in faster occupancy and quicker return on owner investment. Insulated systems can reduces HVAC costs significantly.

There are many advantages to building with steel:

  • High quality, aesthetic
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Components can be re-used
  • Components are functional
  • Strong, durable and stable
  • Enables good design and safety
  • Sustainable to temperature effects
  • Rigid and dimensionally stable
  • Construction is fast compared to other materials
  • Resistant to termites and other destructive insects
  • Cheaper than any other construction methods
  • Offers fast construction

Some common types of steel buildings are “straight-walled”, “arch” and “clearspan”. Straight-walled and the arch type refer to the outside shape of the building. Steel arch buildings are the most cost effective and structurally sound. They are commonly used in the agricultural industry. Straight-walled buildings provide more usable space when compared to arch buildings. They are also easier to blend into existing architecture. Straight-walled buildings are commonly used for office space. Clearspan classification refers to the internal construction. Clearspan steel buildings utilize stronger overhead support beams, thus reducing the need for supporting internal columns. Clearspan steel buildings can be used to store large commercial aircraft or used as public arenas.1

In an effort to help preserve and sustain the environment, Axthelm Construction’s steel buildings are made of materials that help meet that objective:

  • Our steel frames and sheeting contain recycled steel
  • All components are made of 100% reusable/recyclable alloy
    • We offer ThermalClad Insulated Wall & Roof Panels which are ideal for controlled-environment buildings where temperature and insulation are critical. ThermalCald offers superior insulating value (R-values to 32.3 available).
  • The SSR roofing system (when ordered with Cool Regal White color coating) meets even California’s stringent title 24 code parameters
  • Our Design / Build system reduces material use and waste.
  • With natural lighting options, like the Tuf-Dome skylights, featuring a durable, high-clarity polycarbonate composition or the translucent Tuf-Lite & Wallite panels, which provide the interior of the building with 60% natural light transmission, Axthelm Construction can help decrease your power usage and save you money on energy costs

The trend toward sustainable design/green building is growing. With Axthelm Construction, you can grow with it.